"Lunch & Learn"

We were honoured to have a key role in The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald’s, University of Alberta “Lunch& Learn”on March 18,2010.

Lunch and Learn Logo

Brad was the guest speaker for the event and shared information about our operations, outlined our ongoing partnership with The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald and explained how University of Alberta events and faculties could become even more sustainable with the help of our forests, offsetsand guest favours. It was a very appropriate venue considering Brad is a University of Alberta graduate and was also featured as one of six “Green Grads” in the Fall 2009 edition of the New Trail Alumni Magazine.

In conjunction with the hosts, we also provided a gift for each participantby ensuring that each of the environmentally minded attendees had a tree planted and cared for in their name. These “we planted a tree” favours were provided via our unique brand of offsets,known asCarbon Plus Credits. Each Carbon Plus Credit purchased from Dad's Forest is equivalent to the planting of approximately three pine trees, which have been growing since July 2007.

Thanks to our partnership the University of Alberta “Lunch& Learn” supported:

  • the planting and care of 39 trees;
  • the creation of more than 242 square meters of forest;
  • the offseting of 13,000 kilograms of CO2eq emissions;
  • taking the equivalent of about 3 cars off the road; and
  • the contribution of $13 to community causes via our Community Fund.

A copy of the e-card that each recipient received can be viewed here. You can also click here to see a listing of Our Offsetters, which shows that the appropriate number of Carbon Plus Credits from Dad's Forest have been allocated for this event.

If you are interested in making your next event an eco-event contact us anytime!